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Long story short, I believe everyone should know who has your personal data, how it is being collected/stored, and what it is being used for.

However, it is ultimately up to each person to determine how much data they are willing to give to any business/entity.

For the sake of transparency I am using Umami Analytics to anonymously track visits to my site. You can completely block this if you want by either using an AdBlocker like uBlock Origin and/or set your browser to send "Do Not Track" requests as I honor them.

Useful Resources

Here are a few sites/lists of privacy oriented software for you to check out:

Privacy Centric Paid Services I use:

NAS Servers for Self Hosting:

  • Synology: An easy, not cheap, local solution for Google Services like Drive, Drive, Photos, Calendar, other services using Docker, etc. (Yes I should use NextCloud...maybe eventually)
  • Mac Mini: Used as a Plex Server for my Movies/TV/Music until I build a dedicated NAS and maybe switch to JellyFin once it is more mature.

Software Deployed:

  • Traefik: A HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer.
  • Portainer: Docker management UI
  • Grocy: Web-based self-hosted groceries & household management solution for your home.
  • Syncthing: An open source file synchronication program.