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Improving my personal technological privacy has become a goal of mine for the past few years. I believe you should know who has your personal data, how it is being collected/stored, and what it is being used for.

However, it is ultimately up to each person to determine how much data they are willing to give to any business/entity.

Over the past 3-4 years, I have tried to become more privacy aware and have worked towards ridding my life of unnecessary applications, media, and companies who continue to track and gather user's data.

Since there are many sites that aggregate alternative privacy respecting software and I constantly add more things to my list I have opted to be brief in my recommendations and current setup.

Useful Resources

Here are a few sites/lists of privacy oriented software for you to check out:

Privacy Centric Paid Services I use:

NAS Servers for Self Hosting:

  • Synology: An easy, not cheap, local solution for Google Services like Drive, Drive, Photos, Calendar, other services using Docker, etc. (Yes I should use NextCloud...maybe eventually)
  • Mac Mini: Used as a Plex Server for my Movies/TV/Music until I build a dedicated NAS and maybe switch to JellyFin once it is more mature.

Software Deployed:

  • Traefik: A HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer.
  • Portainer: Docker management UI
  • Grocy: Web-based self-hosted groceries & household management solution for your home.
  • Syncthing: An open source file synchronication program.